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Wentylatory WENTECH Sp. z o.o.
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About us


We have 20 years of experience in the field of FRP laminate products. Our flagship product are fan impellers, fan stacks, fan rings and complete fans. Thanks to the investment in research, product development  and staff training we are able to continuously improve our range of products.

Today, the company Wentylatory WENTECH Sp. z o.o. produces axial fan impellers from 1200m to 20000mm.

Our knowledge is based on the profound experience in the field of composites. Thus, we are able to offer consulting and production services at the supreme level of quality. One of our most important achievements is production of the biggest FRP composite fan impeller and fan stack in the world.




Chairman of the board: Leon Komraus, V-ce Chairman of the board: Adam Kalder


Every single day we passionately realise our mission and vision


Our goal is to become a key producer on european market of industrial fan impellers.


Continuous development of our competence in advisory and production fields forms the basis of our company as well as meeting even the most complex requirements of our customers. We foster trust, mutual respect, and cooperation - having the loyalty of your employees makes for a better business environment all around.

Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated!





Wentylatory WENTECH Sp. z o.o.
Rzemieślnicza 6
41-407 Imielin, Poland

       +48 32 225 56 06
       +48 32 225 56 07
       +48 32 318 34 33

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